30 Years Young: A Brief History of AAAC Scott Colmers speech

30 Years Young: A Brief History of AAAC Scott Colmers speech

1984 - 2014 30th Anniversary of the AAAC

This year marks the clubs 30th year so all members should get on board and enjoy the club's 30th Anniversary activities.

Scott Comler's speech notes Brief History of AAAC

— 30th Anniversary Luncheon 22.6.14

Welcome to club members — friends & visitors to the clubs 30th Anniversary lunch run to the Weintal Hotel here in the Barossa.
An idea of forming a club was instigated in 1984 by the late Joe Williams, the late Ian Hunter and the late Trevor Schuppan, and included current life mem-ber Laurie Mahon, who due to family commitments is unable to attend today.
The above group contacted friends and colleagues in the old car movement or those with an interest in cars to meet and discuss the possibility of forming a family orientated car club with regular meetings and a club run every month on a social basis.
The early assemblies got together at the Highway Inn Hotel and then later at the Wiegal Oval — Home of the Adelaide Baseball Club.
Much interest was gained and a club was formed, a committee elected — a club was created and started to grow from strength to strength.
The new club rooms at Wiegal Oval were great —plenty of room — bar facilities, telephone etc. BUT…..at times we found we were left locked out, as no key and no caretaker would arrive to unlock the clubrooms. On other occasions we had a key — but no one to serve the drinks at the bar??? No Barman. So meetings were somewhat late to start or one time — not take place at all!!!
One memorable general meeting - or should I say the most memorable meeting would be when the meeting started on time at 8pm. The minutes from the previous had been read & accepted – where there was a loud persistent banging on the screen door…...It was a cool evening & Trevor Schuppan –the then club secretary went to see what the commotion was all about. The room was dead silent as the meeting was already well under way. Trevor disappeared outside and we had to wait as we could not proceed any further without the Secretary. He seemed to be absent for several minutes …… time passed& then he then reappeared….Very RED in the face and with a big grin from ear to ear….. He yelled & reported to the members that there were several women outside with very little clothing on underneath their coats …& they were not going to proceed with their strip show until they were paid in full.
Some of us were ok with the idea –but the female members had a different  ideas. It appeared that the Baseball Club had booked the girls for a show the following Friday evening & had somehow managed to get the dates mixed up….and had turned up on the wrong night. We knew we were on a membership drive but….there were other ways to swell memberships. (Joke)
It were these sort of issues that led us to approx ...2 years on the move to our new home based clubrooms at the Glandore Community Centre –now known as the CCC Combined Car Club rooms Glandore, where we reside today.
Many stories have been told & events taken place –Many new friendships made over the past 30 years in our club. We hope you can pass on some more today and form your own part of history.
On behalf of the AAAC committee we hope you have enjoyed the run and the luncheon today and a safe troub
le free drive home.
Scott Colmer
Editor’s note This was not all of Scott’s speech just his notes I have slotted it in for all the members that were unable to attend the luncheon besides it’s a good read.

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