Further to the question raised at the February 2021 General Meeting in regard to the acceptable modifications that AAA will allow to Historic Cars, I can advise that your committee has discussed at length the types of vehicles that would be acceptable to the Adelaide Antique Automobile Club. Input has been sought from our verification officers to ascertain their views which are critical in this matter as they are the parties that will manage incoming enquiries. This issue needs to be balanced with what the club charter is within our constitution plus the nature of current legislation as well the older vehicle community at large,
given that without incoming new members our club will have no future.

The committee’s view is that the AAA will adopt the following from the SA Govt 2017 Paper “Club Registration” which is quite generic in nature.

Part One: Historic Vehicles:

1.2 A motor vehicle is a historic vehicle, if 30 years or more have elapsed since 1 January of the year in which the motor
vehicle was manufactured.

1.3 Any vehicle fitting this definition is eligible for the scheme provided it can legally be driven on public roads in its current configuration. Legally driven includes that, if so required, there is in force an exemption under section 63AA of the Road Traffic Act 1961 from compliance with specified Australian Design Rules or other vehicle standards prescribed under the act (Including its regulations) for the vehicle. An exemption may be obtained from the Department’s Vehicle Standards division. Eligible vehicles are motor vehicles with steering not to the left to the centre of the longitudinal axis. Eligible vehicles can also include motor cycles and trailers.

With the AAA addition:

Should a vehicle be presented for addition to the Historic Registrar of the Adelaide Antique Automobile Club Inc (The AAA) and the Verification Officer inspecting said vehicle not consider that it is compliant with the above Provisions the Verification Officer should note the reasons and seek a consensus from at least one other AAA Verification Officer. If collectively the vehicle is deemed unsuitable for the addition to the register then the inspection report detailing the noncompliance should be presented to the next Committee Meeting for a resolution and If deemed appropriate by the committee the matter will be referred to the Federation of Car Clubs for an opinion.

Put simply we see that if a car is presented with, for example, a “Holden body with a Holden badge and with a Holden engine and a Holden interior, it’s probably a Holden”. If it can be registered in SA it can enter our register.

While this matter has consumed significant time it is appropriate to review our clubs stance from time to time and I thank members for their input.

Shane Conry President 2020/2021

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