Helen Button Spitfire

Helen Button Spitfire

Helen Buttons's Triumph Spitfire

I've always loved old cars and as my family are from the UK my grandfather had an MG and Triumph Herald when I grew up.

In 2013 I found "Tommy" on Carsales in Melbourne. I phoned Joseph and asked him if we had plans for the following weekend because I'd bought two tickets to Melbourne for the day to look at the Spitfire. We flew in at 9am, took the Triumph for a test drive and I bought him straight away. We flew home 2pm the same day! "Tommy" was transported via train to Adelaide a few days later.

Being a Triumph owner yourself you'd know the issues such a car can have. We have completely rebuilt the engine and gearbox, and he needed a tune up as he was running a bit rich (used to blow smoke). A new wiring loom and clutch will be installed early next year so he will be back on the road soon (I hope).

We have had so much fun driving the Triumph and with a lot of torque takes people by surprise as to how fast he can get to
top speed (or that could just be my driving skills :-)

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