2018 JULY Rocker Cover Racing

2018 JULY Rocker Cover Racing

Rocker Cover Races

Sunday 22nd July 2018
We were fortunate that the Sunday weather for the annual Rocker Cover Races was fine and no rain…although a chilly wind.

A club supplied BBQ was prepared and enjoyed by some 39 members and 8 children. A very good turnout for the day. I also noted a great variety of cars brought to the club rooms for a days run including 3 vintage and numerous classic cars amongst them.

After the food and festivities had come to a close the serious part of the day started. All race cars were examined and sanctioned by the judges and scrutineers and the first series of races set up for the children.

The scoreboard was set up and manned by John Badcock, who controlled the run off selections. The judges took positions at the finish line lead by Larry Clark with a chief steward on call as well, and the race starter, Charlie Mifsud (and later Charlie Constanzo), were ready. The flags went down and racing began, all very much in the spirit of good fun.

As with all the races the eliminations were by way of a round-robin sequence with the losing cars and competitor eliminated. One by one the number of contenders was whittled down, with the times getting closer and closer. Eventually contenders for the final race were on the start line. Car Number 2 took line honours. I suspect this was also the same car that took line honours last year.

The women racers were up next. A new racer this year as well with a neat little pocket rocket car. Some great cars on the track, one adorned with flashing lights and for Chris Gray a complete boom-box sound system! All very good and added to the moment. Once again the competitors were whittled down to the final and a clear winner was determined.

Then it was the Open category with all cars registered for the day up as contenders. There were 2 pit stops needed. Dennis Fordam’s car needed and in prompt wheel alignment, a quick fix, and one other racer experienced a mechanical failure when the rear wheel displaced itself. A quick remedy of a split pin provided by Dennis Fordham allowed that car to complete a repair and re-present to the starter. Great entertainment all round.

It was great to see many of Reg Courtney’s family present for the day to ‘defend” the trophies that were once again up for grabs. On memory, the end winners were Car Number 2 (2 races) and Car Number 1 won (1 race). This year saw 3 new racers lining up to join the ranks.

Many people contribute to making this it such an enjoyable day. So, thanks to Ed Gray for making so many cars available for those who wanted to use them, and of course to Rob Green for providing the track again, and to all those members who assisted with the set up and dismantling of the track. Thanks also to the Matthews family for running the kitchen and setting up the room as needed, and to Charlie Mifsud and Charlie Constanzo for cooking the BBQ. Thanks also to John Badcock who supplied most outstanding models as prizes for each the 3 categories, children, ladies and open. Apologies if I have missed anyone. The trophies remain as perpetuals, to be returned at end June for
the next years competition.

All up another successful day of racing.

Shane Conry

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