2016 Mt Bold Resivoir

2016 Mt Bold Resivoir

AAAC Club Run, Mt Bold Reservoir, Echunga
The forecast was for a very windy and wet day which perhaps kept numbers down as only 13 cars were on the run. With a lot of dust in the air, we arrived at the clubrooms to find a few members of the Mercedes Club ready to set off on a run to the Waite Arboretum. They thought that our Mercedes was an extra to join their group until we advised them otherwise.

We set off along Cross Road and Marion Road and then up Flagstaff Road. The wind was quite strong as we got to Clarendon and as we drove into Mt Bold Reservoir. The road was littered with some bits of tree branches and lots of blossom. I was glad when we got past the big gum trees as I had visions of larger boughs dropping.

Just after we arrived at Mt Bold Reservoir for our morning tea break, members of the All Cars Club from Willunga arrived. Some of our members walked across the reservoir wall to the other side and Brenton and his granddaughter Maddie walked down the path to the bridge across the creek at the bottom of the wall. To get back they had to retrace the steps up the same path as the other path was closed.

We then drove back to the main road and on through Kangarilla and Meadows to Echunga Sports Ground. Quite heavy rain had started so we gathered for lunch under the veranda and carport in front of the clubrooms which was fortunately out of the wind. After lunch with the temperature dropping we decided to head for home after an interesting run. Thanks Edd.

Libby Ottaway

At the Mt Bold run I had the pleasure of the company of my 7 year old Granddaughter, Madeline Watkins as my navigator. She is the 5th generation of our family to have ridden in the Zephyr which was bought new by my Grandparents.

Due to time restraints for other commitments we had to leave the run at Mt Bold Reservoir so decided to do a circuit down to the swing bridge and up the other side. It wasn’t until we got on to the bridge that we found the gates at the end were secured and had to retrace our steps.

We waved up to the members on the dam wall then made our way back to the top. Maddie counted out aloud the 103 steps all the way back up where we joined others for morning tea.

Maddie thoroughly enjoyed the outing and was please to meet other members as well as the two canine guests.

Brenton Watkin

AAAC Participants
Dick & Inez Johnson 1958 Austin Lancer
Brenton & Maddie Watkins 1959 Zephyr
Basil & Lyn Mason 1960 Zephyr
Roger & Kay Keane 1962 EJ Holden station wagon
Dennis Fordham & Rosalie Elsworth 1963 Colt 1100F
Brian & Cynthia Davey 1965 Ford Thunderbird
Edd & Chris Gray 1971 Rover P6
Ric & Libby Ottaway 1973 Mercedes 220
Bob & Marie Winen 1974 Holden HQ
Barry Scrimshaw & Brian Collins 1993 Mazda MX6
Mike & Heather Mundy 2009 Hyundai Tucson
Robyn & John Sommers 2011 Subaru Forester
Malcolm & Carly Goldsworthy 2013 Toyota Yaris

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