October 2014 Run to Greenoch

October 2014 Run to Greenoch

Greenock Aviation Museum Run - 26th October 2014

As this outing was so well supported by our club, I thought you might be interested to more about how the
whole outing unfolded, but with some parts from behind the scenes. Malcolm Goldsworthy.

Our run to Greenock was attended by 90 people in 42 vehicles including Bruce’s Bedford tipper truck. The
Morris Car Club had invited our club to a jointly organised run to Greenock’s oval, for morning tea and a get
together chat. This was followed by a short run from there to the Aviation Museum and lunch. To my
knowledge it was the first joint run for these two car clubs. We both embraced this joint venture, giving it our
every support. I would like to thank the organisers, Robin and Barry Cumming, and Carly Goldsworthy for
their efforts, putting it all together to make it the success it really was.

Our days long range arrangements looked to be a breeze or a walk in the park, with two groups and two
starting points, with no problems expected. Then the variables started to cast a few shadows over our clear
day. We estimated our two clubs would produce forty to sixty people attending. We had seating, undercover
for sixty five, but then support and interest swelled at one stage to one hundred people. This did cause a few
problems, but we found ways to overcome this. Greenock’s oval entire facilities were booked out on
the day, but we were to be ok under the trees on the side. The long range weather forecast was for a hot
day which was very close to both the Museums and our clubs temperature rules. I hoped that the
temperature up there is usually less so I was sure we will be ok. Time passed quickly and suddenly our run
was tomorrow, but the forecast now said rain and thunderstorms.

My first phone call on the day at 7-30am was from Basil and Lyn at Morphett Vale, saying it
was pouring with rain there! By 10-00am at the White Horse Inn (our assembly point) it had thankfully
cleared. We left at 10:20am for Greenock with only one five minute light shower on the way. The rest of the
day the weather was kind to us. The two groups arrived together at the Greenock oval at 11:00am. It was now
one large gathering from the two clubs, having morning tea and a chat. We were all leaving by 12:15pm for the

[At this point, Robin would like to say how their day started: After a shower of rain we thought about which
car to take. It looked like it was clearing up so we decided to take a gamble and use the Morris for its first
official club outing. When we arrived at the Smithfield Hotel there was already a car from the AAA club there!
We chatted with people from both clubs until 10.35Am and then headed out towards Greenock with 15 or
more cars to meet the other group. We were surprised at how well the car went. After our BBQ lunch there was
a craft shop with some interesting things for the ladies to look at.]

Lunch at the museum was well organised, but with such a large group and even with our progressive start there
was still a moderate line up for a little while. The Barossa Valley sausages were good and tasty and went well
with the different salads and buttered bread. There was no shortage of food, including seconds for those who
wanted it (“And thirds!” Ed.). Tea, coffee, was in a large erne, and like the ice water did not run out. We
would like to thank Lincoln for his effort to look after us. A number of people said he certainly gave us
excellent value for our money! The very noisy air craft engine (Of course it was noisy – it was a Rover! Ed.)
was started at 2:00pm as was the Commer Knocker engine in turn. Our people wandered through the main
aircraft museum, craft shop, outside among the aircraft and through the other, truck, tractor, and workshop
sheds. People also simply sat around at the many tables a talked about their flavour of the day.

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