2016 XMAS in June

2016 XMAS in June

2016 Xmas in June club run

Christmas in June club run

We met at the Clubrooms; the Chrysler Club was having a log book day. About 20 vehicles headed off to face the notorious South Road Jungle, roadworks all the way to the Port River Expressway. We headed down the expressway onto Eastern Parade and onto Garden Island for Smoko. There were no porpoises that day but plenty of cormorants, canoers and fishermen around the island. After Smoko, we headed down the very bumpy Grand Trunkway and then over the Tom Diver Bridge to the Boat House Tavern for lunch. We all had a great lunch, sweets and drinks. Thanks to the Boat House Tavern.

Edd Gray.

To all members of the AAA club, Thank you for making my time as Club Captain enjoyable and thanks for all the help with events and runs. The committee has been of great benefit with their wisdom and experience. I hope that the next Captain gets the support of members and committee that I have had. Good luck.

Edd Gray

AAAC Participants
Charlie & Mary Mifsud Pontiac
Rick & Libby Ottaway MGB GT
Ian & Judith Matthews modern
Russell & Joanne Herman. Mercedes 350SL
Dick & Inez Johnson &Marlene. Austin
John & Jenny Badcock. Morris 8
Heather & Gordon Inga. Studebaker Rocklea
Janet & Alan Reddy. Mercedes ,350SC
Robyn & John Summers. MGB
Bob & Marie Winen. Volkswagen
Mike & Heather Mundy. Modern
Dennis Fordham. Vauxhall
Chris& Edd Gray. Rover
Kerry,Jessica,Callum Williams. Morris Oxford
Rosemary Halliday. Modern
Steve & Anne McNicol. Morris Oxford
Malcolm &Carly Goldsworthy. HR Holden Ute
Roger & Kay Keane. EJ Holden Wagon
Arthur Doeke Modern

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