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Historic Registration



The AAA Club is a member of the Federation of Historic Motor Vehicles Clubs (FHMVC) www.fhmcsa.org.au which is affiliated with the National Federation. The Federation looks after the interests of historic motoring clubs and we have an appointed delegate who represents our club.

The Historic Vehicle Registration Scheme is available to all financial members of the of the AAA club.

The Historic Vehicle Registration Scheme enables you to use your vehicles for 90 days maximum in any one year period of registration.

You must fill in your log book before leaving home, be it a club run, road test or whatever, and carry it with you whenever you use the vehicle.

The system has been developed for the benefit of historic vehicle enthusiasts - PLEASE DON'T ABUSE IT, OR WE COULD LOSE IT!

For more information on the scheme please see the clubs Verification Officer and or Historic Vehicle Registrar at the monthly Club meeting 

or further details of the Scheme at SA Motor Reg Site:-

Conditional registration scheme for historic, left-hand drive and street rod vehicles

Historic Registration July 2017 update
Dear Member,
You are no doubt aware of the new recent scheme changes impacting the SA Historic Rego system.
As of 1st of July 2017 the SA Government introduced a revised code of practice:
"Club Registration A 90 day concessional scheme for Historic , Left Hand Drive and Street Rod Vehicles"
Other information is on the Federation website http://www.fhmcsa.org.au/
Basically the government is aiming for a simpler scheme, some highlights include:
-you no longer need to to provide a yearly STAT DEC on your Historic Vehicle
-the pre-1979 rule is gone now cars 30 years and older are eligible for the scheme.


We are still committed to being a club for enthusiasts that enjoy Historic vehicles, so things will continue much as they have done before.
Our club has decided it still wants to inspect the vehicle before allowing them onto the scheme.
And that we will stamp car registration papers to show a car is Historically registered by the AAAC.

This is just a brief introduction to the scheme, if you need to know more our clubs Federation representative Arthur Doecke is available to discuss the revisions to the scheme.
Arthur will continue to keep us posted at our club meetings on how the new scheme is progressing.

Steve Thiselton


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