Club Registration

Club Registration


One of the benefits of being in the Adelaide Antique Automobile Club (AAAC) is participation in the SA Conditional Registration scheme known as "Club Registration". This allows you to register and use your Historic vehicle in the Scheme. 
The AAA Club is a member of the Federation of Historic Motor Vehicles Clubs (FHMVC) which is affiliated with the National Federation. The Federation looks after the interests of historic motoring clubs and we have an appointed delegate who represents our club.
Historic Vehicles in South Australia operate under a system of Conditional Registration.
Incorporated in Section 25 of the Motor Vehicles Act as amended in 1991, the scheme came into operation in February 1992 and allows prescribed vehicles more than thirty years old to be operated without registration fee for a period not to exceed ninety days in one registration year.
To qualify a vehicle must comply with the requirements of the Road Traffic Act, be more than thirty years old and the owner must be, and remain, a financial member of a recognised club.

You must fill in your log book before leaving home, be it a club run, road test or whatever, and carry it with you whenever you use the vehicle.
The system has been developed for the benefit of historic vehicle enthusiasts

For more information on the getting you car onto the scheme please see the clubs Verification Officer and or Historic Vehicle Registrar at the monthly Club meeting
or further details of the Scheme at the Federation of Historic Motor Vehicles Clubs (FHMVC) site:

As of 1st July 2022 the Club Registration scheme now is a rolling 25 years

Click on below Link to read the updated code of practice


Eligibility of Member Vehicles to Club Registration is at the disgression of the Adelaide Antique Automobile Clubs (AAAC) committee.
The AAAC aims to encourage interest in the restoration, preservation and usage of antique motor vehicles that currently includes all passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles to display good examples of road courtesy, vehicle safety and reliability.

Whilst the July 2017 revised code of practice: "Club Registration A 90 day concessional scheme for Historic , Left Hand Drive and Street Rod Vehicles" is open to a variety of vehicle types, the club is committed to being a club for enthusiasts that enjoy Historic vehicles.
The AAAC supports Club Registration for vehicles that are in line with the clubs aims, so we are a club for historic vehicles rather than for modified vehicles or street rods.
If you need further clarification if you car qualifies for Club Registration please contact one of the clubs Verification officers or the Historic Vehicle Registrar.

AAAC Position on Modified Vehicles
Please read below the AAAC position on Modified vehicles, how seat belt laws apply to vehicles on Club Registration and  the process of getting your Log Book processed each financial year.

AAA CLUB AND MODIFICATIONS TO HISTORIC CARS Further to the question raised at the February 2021 General Meeting in regard to the acceptable modifications that AAA will allow to Historic Cars, I can advise that your committee has discussed at length the types of vehicles that would be acceptable to the Adelaide Antique Automobile Club. Input has been sought from our verification officers to ascertain their views which are critical in this matter as they are the parties that will manage incoming enquiries. This issue needs to be balanced with what the club charter is within our constitution plus the nature of current legislation as well the older vehicle community at large, given that without incoming new members our club will have no future. The committee’s view is that the …
CLUB REGO, LOG BOOKS & OUR HISTORIC REGISTRAR: The  South Australia Club Registration scheme, as you are no doubt aware, uses a Logbook system to record the usage of your Historic vehicle. The issuing and renewing of Log Books is the major role of the AAAC Historic Registrar. The clubs Registrar maintains the records of all vehicles in the club in the scheme and informs to the SA Government on which members and vehicles are approved for Club Registration. Each Financial year all members Log Books need to be stamped by the Club as per the requirements of Club Registration. The Club provides a list of Financial Members to Brian Morgan, our Historic Registrar. If your logbook is not checked and stamped by the Historic Registrar at the start of each financi…
!!EFFECTIVE NOW: SEAT BELT LAW CHANGES!! As discussed by Brian Davey at the AAAC November 2018 General meeting, AAAC members need to be aware of the changes to the Conditional Registration Scheme (CRS) around seat belt/child restraint laws. The changes are effective from December 13, 2018 so members need to ensure they are operating within the CRS. To read the DPTI full details of the changes  Click here  …

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