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 May Message from AAAC President


Howdy members.

Your committee and I trust all are staying safe and well in these trying and unique times and practicing safe “Social Distancing”.

The AAA Club continues despite the enforced period of hibernation we find ourselves in.

Prior to preparing this short message I contacted those parties on our committee most affected by the change to how we must operate.

Our Historic Registrar, Brian Collins, tells me that he is getting on average 3 log books per day to be updated and that everyone is providing a return envelope for these as needed. One point he has asked is that it would be appropriate to enclose your latest registration papers IF this part of the Log Book has not been updated. Other than that we can safely say that “There is nothing to Report”.

Our Treasurer, Brenton Watkins, confirms that about 20 members have paid their subs by a combination of cheques by post, Direct EFT and a couple by bank transfer. Those members that do not use internet banking and that do not have a cheque available can pay by bank transfer . To do this you will need to attend a WBC branch but you should ask the staff there to add your member number as a reference so that Brenton can reconcile this. Keep your receipt as evidence of payment. If you do not know your member number then please call Brenton after the payment and let him know. And just a reminder that those paying by Internet Banking should print their payment receipt and retain this. Otherwise all smooth for Brenton.

Brian and Cynthia Davey (CCC/Federation) advise us that all the other clubs are in the same status and are not meeting. The CCC Rooms remain closed as well.

As there have been zero meetings and no Committee Meetings you will observe that there are no minutes to report.

The signs appear good in South Australia and we all hope that this period of enforced inactivity will come to a close soon. In the meantime, remember to use your cars as you would normally want to if only to keep the battery and oil seals in tip top shape.

The Adelaide Antique Automobile Club will continue to exist but simply become inactive for a period.

Your committee has discussed the services that we will continue to provide which is primarily to ensure that members with Historically Registered motor vehicles can maintain a valid log book and hence maintain the use and enjoyment of their vehicle without interruption.

There are 2 areas that the Club will need your support in. These are to pay your Annual Subscription promptly by the means below, and, to process your Log Books by post to our Historic Registrar, as also detailed below:

The preferred way of payment is by Electronic Bank Transfer. It is critical that you include your surname and initial as a reference.

Please copy your payment to Brenton using your bank’s internet banking facility so that he can reconcile at bksjwatkins@adam.com.au The Clubs bank account details are:
Adelaide Antique Automobile Club: BSB 035045 Account No 403479

Print your payment receipt using your bank browser. Retain this in your log book/s.

If you do not use internet banking then post your subscription payment to
Brenton Watkins, Treasurer at 52 Yarmouth Street, South Brighton 5048.

DO NOT post to the club’s mail box as this is not cleared by Brenton. Enclose a stamped self addressed envelope for your receipt to be mailed to you.

Attendance at Brenton’s residence is not appropriate. Payments can be left in his letterbox in a sealed envelope with your name on same. Again, enclose a stamped self addressed envelope for your receipt to be mailed to you. Retain your receipt in your log book/s.

Before you post your Log Book to Brian for it to be updated and returned, please look on the inside cover to make sure it that your book is less than 3 years old. If the 3 renewals have been used, please include $3.00 with your log book to pay for the new book that will be required. (Please tape the coins to a sheet of paper to avoid them from being lost). If you want your old log book returned include a note to Brian. - ensure your stamped reply envelope is large enough to fit the 2 log books!

All Log Books need to be stamped by the Club. The Club will provide a list of Financial Members to Brian Collins, Historic Registrar. Post your Log Book/s to him for processing as soon as you receive your registration renewal and enclose a Stamped Self Addressed envelope for its return.

Post to: Brian Collins, Registrar at 51 Horndale Drive, Happy Valley SA 5159

Attendance at Brian’s residence, nor for that matter any of our Historic Vehicle Assistant Registers, is not appropriate. Log Books can be left in his letterbox in a sealed envelope. Again, enclose a stamped self addressed envelope for your Log Book to be posted back to you

Note: Australia Post will only allow 1 log book per envelope so separate items for each log book will be needed.

It is unknown how long the Club will have to be in hibernation. It is the committees plan that as soon as we are able to resume usual activities the Club will do so. If this extends beyond the term of the present committee, we will stay intact as caretaker’s until the Club can call and convene an AGM.

These are unique times and it is hoped that the provisions above will enable members to continue to enjoy their historic vehicles at their leisure until the present social gathering limits are eased.

Direct any enquiries on these matters to myself for clarification if needed. Your support and assistance is appreciated.

Stay safe,

Shane Conry, President
M 0413 737 926

About the Club:

The AAAC started in February 1984 thanks to 3 or 4 people who wanted to start a metropolitan car club different from other clubs of the day.

They wanted an all make car club that included families and friends in its activities, and to have frequent car runs to allow the member's participation.

The AAAC aims to promote the restoration and more importantly the use of historic vehicles with the whole family joining in and enjoying fun outings and other social events.

The club meets at 8pm on the 3rd Friday of each month except December at the Combined Car Club (CCC) rooms at Clark Avenue Glandore

Bruce Rounsefell, Alan Kohler and Arthur Doecke cutting the 36th Birthday cake at last months general meeting

Upcoming Club Events:

Club General Meeting Dates:   Held 3rd Friday of each month 
8pm Glandore Club Rooms Clarke Terrace Glandore

Note meetings posponed at present due to social distancing required to avoid coronavirus.
This Months AAAC Run :
Note Club Runs posponed at present due to social distancing required to avoid coronavirus.

Find out more at:- UpcomingEvents 

Future AAAC Runs
Find out more at:- UpcomingEvents 

Have an idea for a run?
Why not help organize a club run (it does not take a lot of work)
- contact the Club Committee and help be part of your club
 Past Runs
To read about them see  Club Run Reports Page
 Club Magazine
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 Join the Club
Find out how to join at the AAAC Membership Page

In this months magazine we feature Roger Kean's EJ Holden wagon
Read about the their Cars at:-

Visitors most welcome
Correspondence  to: Adelaide Antique Automobile Club Inc PO BOX 363 PLYMPTON SA 5038


Please feel free to email us with any questions about the club.

Either to the Secretary secretary@adelaideantiqueauto.org.au

or the Webmaster/ Membership Secretary aaacwebmaster@gmail.com

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TELL US ABOUT YOU AND YOUR CAR Getting to Know you! EDITOR WANTS MEMBERS CAR DETAILS If you are able, can the below detail be completed and sent to the Editor at aaaclubeditor@gmail.com If possible, a colour picture of your car could be included. The editor will then start building up data on members cars for inclusion in the newsletter, on the understanding that by submitting the details you are happy for the details to appear in the newsletter at some point in the future. Feel free to add more details should you wish. Like:- How long have you been a member of Adelaide Antique Automobile Club? How long have you owned your vehicle? Tell us about your vehicle i.e. The year make and model Its history, Have you restored it? Do you plan to do work on it, Its rarit…

2019/2020 MEMBERSHIP FEES Membership Fees are due at the end of June 2019. To make it easy for you to pay your membership subscription the Treasurer will be available at the April, May & June meetings to collect subs. The membership fee remains the same at $40.00. Please have the correct money. A late fee of $10.00 will be payable if not received by the end of June 2019. Special arrangements are available for overseas and country members to pay via EFT, please contact the Secretary or Treasury for details. Please update your email address, telephone number and address at the time of payment. Members are reminded that if subs are not paid by the 30 June 2019 you are “non financial” and your vehicle\s are deemed unregistered until you are again …
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CALLING FOR NOMINATIONS Its getting close to that time when the committee starts to review its needs for the year ahead. As mentioned at the last meeting the club will need to elect a new Captain as Peter Williams has determined that he will need to focus on his health over the next several months and has advised that he will not seek re-election as Club Captain. Peter and is sub-committee team have placed the club in a very good position with an annual run calendar set up so that. Moving forward, the planned Club Runs and the relevant dates are to published well ahead to allow members to plan around them. This should also allow the run attendance numbers to grow which is also very positive. Well done Peter and his team. The new Run Calendar should be available from this edi…

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